blueberry farm

First U-Pick blueberries of the season!
blueberry farm

I travelled 2 hours for these wonderful,
very sweet scintilla blueberries.
scintilla blueberries

They are so worth it!
scintilla blueberries

Not many farms have the scintilla variety due to its low yield.

Rows and rows of springhigh blueberry bushes
rows of springhigh blueberry bushes

This springhigh blueberry is not quite ready yet!
not quite ready!

The gorgeous springhigh variety is a medium sized,
soft skinned berry with a unique sweet flavor.

springhigh variety

The best part is that there
is never an 'all you can eat' fee!
U-Pick blueberry farm

Rum in the rain
rum in the rain

Showers bring flowers
showers bring flowers

Damsel fly
[click for zoom]
Damsel fly click for zoom

Squirrel bro. Click for zoom

back porch

The presence of alligators is likely in this lake
Warning!! Alligators!

Sunday by the lake
Sunday by the lake


Mr. Quack click for zoom

Mrs. Quack click for zoom

Good morning, Moth.
Automeris io.
automeris io

Monarch waystation
underwater lilypad

Those rolling hills
rolling hills
rolling hills

Tree farm
tree farm

A red clay road
red clay road

early evening
spring drought

old birdhouse?
old birdhouse?

dinning room

Vegan Nanaimo bar
vegan nanaimo bar

Get out of here with this thing
vegan nanaimo bar

This vegan chocolate mousse is life
vegan chocolate mousse

organic blue popcorn