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August 19,

I hope she's still closing
down the
pubs when she's 93!
Cruel summer.
Cruel summer

Korean beef bulgogi with
assorted kimchi on the side.
beef bulgogi

Seasoned seaweed.
Add a bit of rice and kimchi
and eat like a taco. Soooo good.
seasoned seaweed

Korean dessert drink
Korean dessert drink

Jerk pork, rice and peas,
plantains, cabbage
jerk pork
cheese pizza
august morning 2018
august morning 2018

Bloody noisy things!
cicada shell
Blue Apron Za'atar-spiced beef wraps with
Za'atar-spiced beef wraps with

Shahi paneer and
chilli naan take-away

shahi paneer

open road
august afternoon
august afternoon
ron jon surf shop

My favorite section of Ron Jon

ron jon surf shop
ron jon surf shop

The nostalgic smell of sex wax.
sex wax


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