Photos of wildlife.
Turtles, tortoise, rabbits, lizards, alligators
Birds can be found here.
Insects can be found here.

Unknown type paw prints in the mud.
Racoon perhaps.
racoon paw print or something else?

Camo lizard
camo lizard

Gopher tortoise.
We're friends. I see her quite often.
(PSA- Never feed or molest wildlife.)

lil friend

Wild bunny!
Wild bunny

Wild bunny butt!
Wild bunny butt

Gator snoot! (BIG gator!)
Gator snout!

Look at that gator snout!
Look at that gator snout!
HUGE gator swimming by

[click for zoom]
hungry turtle big turtle

Turtle swimming in the lake
Hungry turtle

This turtle appears to have moss or
maybe algae growing on her shell.

Hungry turtle

Click for zoom
Hey honey Hey honey
Big momma turtle
Big momma turtle

backyardsquirrel.jpg backyardsquirrel2.jpg



Hey there froggy.
Frog on a window.

hey there froggy

Hey there, lil feller
Hey there, little feller

Lizard in the sun
lizard in the sun
anole lizard


Sunning turtles
turtles getting some sun


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