Natural bodies of water.
Lakes, ponds, puddles, swamps and more.

houseboat 2016

turtle lake

Sunset on Turtle Lake in June 2016
turtle lake

Hey there, Lil Ducky

Beautiful October sunset by the lake
beautiful october sunset

Lake cleanup
clean up on the lake

After the storm
day on the lake

Hot evening sunset by the lake

2016 sunset

Very hot sunset in August
Very hot sunset in August

Late afternoon in December 2016
December afternoon
late afternoon

Late afternoon in December 2016
late afternoon

june sunset on the lake
june sunset on lake ivanhoe

morning in a swamp

water wood

green on the water

still lake

A still lake

Still lake

Pumpkin in the lake
pumpkin in the water

Click for zoom
4th of July, 2015. Click for zoom.

The moon over a lake
the moon last night

Little stream
Little Stream

Spring 2014
Spring 2014

Summer 2014
Lovers by the lake


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