Natural bodies of water.
Lakes, ponds, puddles, ocean, swamps and more.

Just around the corner
round the corner
sailing takes me away. . .
by the lake in june

Another beautiful sunset
another beautiful sunset

A great spot at sunset
silhouette sunset

Happy Sunday!
happy sunday

Lily pads
green pac man
march sunset

City at sundown
city at sundown

Beautiful sunset
beautiful sunset
march sunset

Sunset by the lake in August
sunset by the lake
august sunset

Alligator territory!
(PSA- Never, ever feed or molest alligators.)
Backyard in the fall

lake and sky

humid sunset in august
overcast day on the lake
rocks in the lake

Drying up
drying up

underwater lilypad

Just a nice sunset
just a nice sunset

I love the ripples in the sand from the water
small clear river
small clear river

reflective swamp
yellow river
yellow river

Stagnant water
stagnant water

Hot July afternoon on the lake
4th of July on the lake 2015
Lily pads
lily pad sunset
little waterfall

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