Natural bodies of water.
Lakes, ponds, puddles, ocean, swamps and more.

june 2016 sunset

Gorgeous August 2016 sunset by the lake
purple and blue sunset on the lake
august 2016 sunset on the lake

A very hot evening by the lake
august sunset

City lights at night
city lights at night

April 09, 2016
april 09, 2016

April 09, 2016
april 09, 2016

Beautiful June sunset by the water
June 2016 sunset
June 2016 sunset
June sunset
June sunset

Evening walk.
June 11, 2016.
evening walk in june

cotton candy sky


Christmas Eve 2016 sunset by the lake
Christmas Eve sunset

houseboat 2016

turtle lake

Sunset on Turtle Lake in June 2016
turtle lake

Hey there, Lil Ducky

Beautiful October sunset by the lake
beautiful october sunset

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