Thanks Lacey
Thanks Lacey handwritten note

Mystery Man
mystery man graffiti on building

In the shade!
100F digital thermostat

What is my main problem?
What is my main problem? hospital sign

Suck it with filter-paper
suck it with filter-paper instructions unclear

Drop zone
drop zone warning sign stuck in orange cone

I heart my Daddy
I love my Daddy carved in cement

As You Wish
aaassss, yoooouuu, wiiiissshhhhh


Big Brother Is Watching
big bro is watching graffiti

Open your eyes
open your eyes graffiti
eye sees you graffiti

Fight Back
fight back graffiti

hello! peeking out of oval cut out

December 28, 2014
82F December 28, 2014

Lacey + Marcus
our names in cement

Violators will be violated!
Violators will be violated

May 2014

99 degrees and going north
99 degrees

I will help you too much.
4 hours it will grow up

(I've never even seen my temperature
gauge display the word ICE before!)


Rubus Niveus
Mysore rasperry

mysore raspberry

Speed limit 15
speed limit

Message in a parking space
Parking space message, graffiti

Only carved in wood hand railing graffiti

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