Signs, notes, warnings, graffiti, secret messages, i
nstructions unclear. . .

Clothing Optional Beyond this point
Clothing Optional Beyond This Point
warning sign

Gator chili
gator chili

Gator meat (PSA- gator meat does NOT taste like chicken.)
August - November is the season for fresh gator meat.

gator meat

Filmmaker check-in
filmmaker check-in

Big ass yard sale
big ass yard sale

Venomous snake in area.

Caution venomous snakes in area

Keep Out

For your... Perfect smoking pleasure
For your perfect smoking pleasure

Step aside coffee
step aside coffee

I drink coffee because I need it

Chalk art
Odd Old Man
Chalk art Odd Old Man
chalk art

Angler Fish chalk art
Chalk art Angler Fish

Monitored by police video surveillance
and patrol 24 HR a day.

Monitored by police video surveillance

This means you.

stop this means you

Look around you
Look around you
I guess...

You Mattered
You mattered

Jim's records
Jim's records



Park is closed
park closed due to hurricane clean up

park closed

The Presence of alligators is likely in this lake!
Warning sign

Site Under Video Surveillance
Site Under Video Surveillance

Audio and video surveillance

Monarch waystation
Monarch waystation

Do not lie or otherwise be in a horizontal position
Don't get horizontal

Violators Will Be Executed.
(Found on my walk.)
Violators will be executed

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