Signs, notes, warnings, graffiti, secret messages,
instructions unclear. . .

Don't teach your trash to swim

Dogs are welcome
Dogs welcome

Please keep off wall
keep off wall

Pathogenic amoeba warning
amoeba warning

danger sign

Closed to all watercraft
closed to all watercraft

True that
I work hard so my dog can have a better life

RIP Bully
RIP Bully

warning alligators in the lake
help they are holding me hostage

Clothing Optional Beyond this point
Clothing Optional Beyond This Point

warning sign

Gator chili
gator chili

Gator meat (PSA- gator meat does NOT taste like chicken.)
August - November is the season for fresh gator meat.

gator meat

Filmmaker check-in
filmmaker check-in

Big ass yard sale
big ass yard sale

Alligator XING
alligator crossing

Venomous snake in area.

Caution venomous snakes in area

Keep Out

My other ride is a mustache
my other ride is a mustache

Step aside coffee
step aside coffee

I drink coffee because I need it

Monitored by police video surveillance
and patrol 24 HR a day.

Monitored by police video surveillance

This means you.

stop this means you


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