Orange clouds
orange clouds at sunset

orange clouds

November sky
with pink clouds

November sky

Water drops on my windshield
Blue drops

Dewy leaves

(First picture of 2015)
dewy leaves

(I see a Widget!)
7am walk

January clouds

Rain drops on large leaf
water drops on elephant ear plant

April, 2014
april 2014

Driving home in a hailstorm!
Driving in a hailstorm!!
Driving in a hailstorm!!
Driving in a hailstorm!!

October 2013 sunset
dat sky

Overcast with birds.
Taken on my birthday.
Birds in the sky on an overcast day

Pink swirl
September sunset

Rain squares

Rainbow and drops of rain on the winshield

A very strange cloud

Double Rainbow.
My first and only photo of one!
Double Rainbow

Rainbow in a public fountain
Rainbow fountain

My flip flops left out in the storm
Storming on my flip flops

Riding in a storm
driving in the rain (again)


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