Rainbows, rain, strange clouds, rain on windows, storms, puddles...

Rum in the rain
rum in the rain

Showers bring flowers
showers bring flowers

After Irma
PSA- don't stand in flood waters

Little rainbow
small rainbow

September storm.
(Don't worry, I was the passenger not the driver!)

September storm
September storm

Storm clouds
grey storm clouds

grey storm clouds

A stormy August.
Can you see the rain in the distance?
stormy august

Sunset with many colours.
First sunset of 2017
sunset over the lake 2017

Long cloud
long cloud

Storm is coming
storm is coming

Storm clouds
Storm clouds
Storm clouds

storm clouds
storm clouids

Water drops on the leaves of an orange tree
water drops on orange tree

Large cloud over the lake
large cloud


Little rainbow!
little rainbow

Distant rainbow
distant rainbow

This grey cloud
single grey cloud
June 2016 sunset
sunset in june of 2016

June 2016 sunset
june 2016 sunset
june 2016 sunset
very hot sunset by the lake

Strange cloud while waiting at the red light.
redlight sunset
these clouds

There's a big storm rolling in!
there's a storm coming

Storm rolling in
there's a storm coming

Not quite raining yet
there's a storm coming

Before the storm
pre-hurricane clouds

Orange clouds
orange clouds at sunset

orange clouds

A very strange cloud

Double Rainbow.
My first and only photo of one!
Double Rainbow

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