CutCo Super Sheers cutting the penny
slicing penny

Penny sliced in half by CutCo Super Sheers
Cut penny

Cutting a penny
Cut penny

CutCo knife cutting a rope with ease
Slicing a rope
Slicing a rope

Air slicer

CutCo salesman
Super slicer


AlfaParf Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi
Illuminating Serum

AlfaParf Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum

So hard to find.
AlfaParf Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum

Banana Boat Dry Oil Sunscreen.
Coconut and grape seed oil.
So far I like this sunscreen way more than any other I have ever used before in my life.
It's not perfect but it's 75% less nast/stingy/chemical-ly than other suncreens. (I'm
sure it's still full of nasty chemicals, just doesn't smell like it.)
It's sticky for a while, it takes a long time to absorb.
Banana Boat dry oil sunscreen

Bellodgia Caron

old perfume bottles

Burt's Bees ultra moisturizing lip treatment.
I do NOT like this stuff at all. It has a very foul taste.
I had to throw it away, it was so disgusting.

Burt's Bees ulra moisturizing lip treatment

Downy Unstopables in Shimmer scent.
I finally tried these since everyone goes nuts over them. So far, I'm only lukewarm
about them. Especially for the price. If they were half the price I might like them more. I
just don't feel all crazy about the after scent. In the bottle they smell a bit like melon
but after the clothes come out of the dryer it smells more like faded old lady perfume.
Downy Unstopables

$7.99 is WAY too much for these Downy Unstopables.
Downy Unstopables

Even though I didn't like them the first time,
I decided to try again (only because they were on sale.)
Mind not changed. I vote "meh" on these.

Downy Unstopables

Bath and Body Works Velvet Sugar triple moisture body cream.
A very rich moisturizer with a whipped-butter texture that I love.

Velvet Sugar is my favorite Bath and Body Works fragrance.
Bath and Body works Velvet Sugar triple moisture cream

Be a safe Social Dancer
Be a safe Social Dancer

Poppy by Coach.
A favorite.

Poppy by Coach

Victoria's Secret Rockin' Body Perfecting Cream
Victoria's Secret Rockin' Body Perfecting Cream

My free sample of Glidden paint.
I love free samples.

free paint- sea glass green

Celestial seasonings Raspberry Zinger
organic lip balm. Free sample in my box of tea.

celestial seasonings raspberry zinger organic lip balm

Sinful Colors green nail polish
sinful colors- green nail polish

Origins Drink Up lip balm.
Free sample.
Not terrible but a bit too sticky.
Origins Drink Up hydrating lip balm

Birthday gift from my very good friend since the 8th grade!
Yankee Candle tart warmer (electric.)

Including a bunch of tarts in many varieties!

Looks nice at night, too

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Sugared Apple with pure, natural extracts.
This scent reminds me of something from my childhood.
I just cannot put my finger on what, however.

This is a VERY strong scent which is ideal for a large
house/area but maybe not so ideal
in a small area (unless strong is what you want/need.)

Yankee Candle tart

Corona Dope
Corona Dope


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