Kneipp Lavender massage oil.
A very light oil with a light fragrance of lavender.
kneipp lavender massage oil

Wood Essence woodwick candle
Wood Essence woodwick candle

Crackles as it burns.
The scent is long lasting, it doesn't fade as the candle burns away.
The cracking sound is nice but I have bought more than one defective candle.
Sometimes they don't crackle or stay lit.
Wood Essence woodwick candle

just argan oil.
*Love* this stuff.
I use it for everything.
Hair, make-up remover,
and the list goes on.
*Mix a couple drops it with your
regular lotion when you apply it.

just argan oil

After a routine cleaning,
my dentist gives you a goodie bag
that includes a chocolate chip cookie.

dentist goodies

Crest Advanced Seal 3D White Strips
I loove these.
They really stay put!
No more slipping and oozing.
You can swallow like normal
and it says you can drink water,
though I did not while wearing these.

Crest Advanced Seal white strips

Maui Soap Company handmade soap.
Liliko'i (passionfruit)
From Maui and made with organic coconut oil.
Loooove this soap and it smells sooo good.

Maui soap company

Maui soap company

I canNOT live without floss. Any floss, all floss, FLOSS!
glide floss

Bath and Body Works triple moisture body cream.
Carried Away. A sweet and fruity fragrance.

Bath and Body Works
sky sun air

The shower gel (middle) smells like pineapple.
I really like Bath &
Body Works shower gel.
It has a thick, soft, rich, delicious texture.
Maui Bath and Body Works

Super Sheers cutting the penny

slicing penny

Penny sliced in half by CutCo Super Sheers
Cut penny

Cutting a penny
Cut penny

CutCo knife cutting a rope with ease
Slicing a rope
Slicing a rope
Air slicer

CutCo salesman
Super slicer


I love Sharpie pens
much homework

Super slinky guitar strings
Ernie Ball super slinky

Fashion tape. Did not work well.

Birthday gift from my very good friend since the 8th grade!
Yankee Candle tart warmer (electric.)

Including a bunch of tarts in many varieties!

Looks nice at night, too

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Sugared Apple with pure, natural extracts.
This scent reminds me of something from my childhood.
I just cannot put my finger on what, however.

This is a VERY strong scent which is ideal for a large
house/area but maybe not so ideal
in a small area (unless strong is what you want/need.)

Yankee Candle tart

AlfaParf Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi
Illuminating Serum

AlfaParf Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum

So hard to find.
AlfaParf Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum

Corona Dope
Corona Dope

Magnum condoms
magnum condoms

Banana Boat Dry Oil Sunscreen.
Coconut and grape seed oil.
So far I like this sunscreen way more than any other I have ever used before in my life.
It's not perfect but it's 75% less nast/stingy/chemical-ly than other suncreens. (I'm
sure it's still full of nasty chemicals, just doesn't smell like it.)
It's sticky for a while, it takes a long time to absorb.
Banana Boat dry oil sunscreen

Essie nail polish and Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat
toe paint


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