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Breathe Right nasal strips. 50 percent stronger.
These. These right here.
Breathe right nasal strips

They are quite easy to put on and take off.
Breathe right nasal strips

The only real downside to these are the cost.
Cost of Breathe Right nasal strips

Free sample of Mac lipsticks
Mac lipstick sample

Joker cologne at Spencer's Gifts in the mall.
Not sure why this is a thing. It smells like cheap cologne. Ick.

Joker cologne at Spencer's

Filtrete Ultra Allergen 1500.
Filtrete ultra allergen

Kissing elixirs natural fresh breath mist.
Kissing elixirs natural fresh breath mist

I purchased this product in April 2016 from (love them!) for around $6.95. I didn't read
the reviews first. By the time it had arrived, I had read them. I tried it out right away and found that
I didn't like the
taste - at first. After a while, the taste seemed to mellow out. I can't
express how satisfied I was with this
product. Effective on all sorts of funk breath without covering it up. 10/10 wanted to use for the rest of my life.
So what went wrong?
Kissing elixirs natural fresh breath mist

July 23, 2016.
As the reviews warned, this eventually happened.
Kissing elixirs disaster

Luckily, I caught it just in the nick of time before it had a chance to ruin my purse.
Kissing elixirs disaster

Inside the cap. I love love LOVE the product but I will never purchase
this again. (Unless I learn they have fixed the issue.)
Kissing elixirs disaster

Urban Decay Lipgloss.
In shade Nooner.
Urban Decay Lipgloss NAKED in Nooner

Urban Decay NAKED
Urban Decay Lipgloss NAKED in Nooner

Feels good on, slightly sticky as all lipgloss tends to be.
I love the shade and this gloss but it seems to wear off very quickly.
Urban Decay Lipgloss NAKED in Nooner

Has sort of a cupcake scent to it.
Urban Decay Lipgloss NAKED in Nooner

eos lip balm.
eos lip balm

I absolutely love this stuff. It has a smooth texture,
and is not greasy. Keeps lips soft and lovely.
I can't believe I waited so long to try it!

eos lip balm

Yep, it's official. I love this stuff!
evolution of smooth

Trying the Summer Fruits this time.
Not so crazy about this flavor/scent. A bit like apple.
EOS lip balm, summer fruits

Bath and Body Works Lemon Pomegranate Cream shea butter milled soap.
Not tested on animals.
Bath and Body Works Lemon Pomegranate Cream shea butter milled soap
Bath and Body Works Lemon Pomegranate Cream shea butter milled soap

Bacon flavored toothpaste.
It claims to make your breath "bacon fresh!"

Bacon toothpaste

Bacon Floss.
This also claims to leave your mouth "bacon fresh."
I'll take their word for it.

bacon floss

Bacon Balm.
Uh, no thank you to this one.

bacon balm

Bacon Air Freshener.
And a no to this one as well. I'm gonna go ahead and pass on those
Bacon flavored jelly beans (bottom right) also.

bacon airfreshener

Bacon-Scented Mustache.
Extra Manly!
bacon mustache

Kneipp Lavender massage oil.
A very light oil with a light fragrance of lavender.
kneipp lavender massage oil

Wood Essence woodwick candle
Wood Essence woodwick candle

Crackles as it burns.
The scent is long lasting, it doesn't fade as the candle burns away.
The cracking sound is nice but I have bought more than one defective candle.
Sometimes they don't crackle or stay lit.
Wood Essence woodwick candle

Bath and Body Works aromatherapy.
Not sure if it works for sleep but it sure smells good.
The scent and the moisture are both long lasting.
Bath and Body Works aromatherapy

Bath and Body Works Peach Honey Almond.
A very rich moisturizer. Too rich in fact so I just use it on my feet.

Bath and Body Works Peach Honey Almond

After a routine cleaning, my dentist gives you a goodie bag that includes
a chocolate chip cookie.

dentist goodies

just argan oil.
*Love* this stuff. I use it for everything. Hair, make-up remover and the list goes on.
*Mix a couple drops it with your regular lotion when you apply it.

just argan oil

Crest Advanced Seal 3D White Strips
I loove these.
They really stay put! No more slipping and oozing. You can swallow like normal
and it says you can drink water, though I did not while wearing these.

Crest Advanced Seal white strips

Maui Soap Company handmade soap.
Liliko'i (passionfruit)
From Maui and made with organic coconut oil. Loooove this soap and it smells sooo good.

Maui soap company

Maui soap company

I canNOT live without floss. Any floss, all floss, FLOSS!
glide floss

Bath and Body Works triple moisture body cream.
Carried Away. A sweet and fruity fragrance.

Bath and Body Works
sky sun air

The shower gel (middle) smells like pineapple. I really like Bath &
Body Works shower gel. It has a thick, soft, rich, delicious texture.
Maui Bath and Body Works

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Xtreme.
This used to be a favorite. It still is but it's getting very hard to find. I prefer
the original formula that came in a clear container instead of gold. That formula had
more of a ginger/peppermint scent and flavor and worked much better.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Xtreme

This formula is more cinnamon and isn't as good. I'd still purchase it, if I could find it.
I do love the square container, easy to hold and apply.
(Applicator pictured below is pink because I photographed it after applying over lipstick. The gloss is clear.)

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Xtreme

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