Knee socks sock hop party
Sock hop
Sock hop

Sock hop
striped knee socks
knee socks
pink heel knee socks

RHCP Navarro Outtake

Bubbles 2004
bubbles 2004

PointyKitty.Org 2002

Circa 2002
Circa 2002

Waiting for my cappuccino (always worth the wait!)
just waiting

Pink Skechers and ripped jeans shadow
shadow of my favorite ripped jeans

Circa 2013 (I think.)

new lindy shoes circa 2013

Blurry road trip
blurry road trip

Got my dancing shoes on!!
Got my dancing shoes on!
Got my dancing shoes on!
Got my dancing shoes on!

Private Lindy Lessons
More here

Private lessons
Private lessons

Blue nails with greenish yellow stripes
Nails by Marco!

Before crazy makeup and hair!
I pretty much start out like this....

No makeup!

Midsummer Night Swing

New Swing Dance dress!
New Swing Dance dress