miscellaneous outdoor/nature photos

Macadamia nut tree engulfed
in sunshine and forrest fire smoke.

macadamia nut tree

Macadamia Nut Tree sign

Bamboo stump
bamboo stump

don't write on the bamboo

Welcome to the jungle
welcome to the jungle
welcome to the jungle


Watch your step
watch your step

Crusty boardwalk
crusty boardwalk

Afternoon in the park
Walk on campus

Walk on campus

Afternoon stroll in May

family time

Random find

someone lost a shirt

Where there is smoke...


Morning moon

Moon in the morning

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9 AM sky Black bird in a pine tree

Summer sunset
summer sunset

Which way?

which way

Not sure what these are,
they look like a strange cabbage!

what is this? it looks like cabbage

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shoes on a powerline City garbage

Brick walkway
brick path
table and tree

Pink sunset clouds, blue sky
Fire sunset

Orange sunset
orange sunset

Mushrooms on a tree
Shroom tree
Shroom tree 2

Little mushrooms I found along the way
mushrooms on a log

Bright blue sky!
behind the river

Early evening
early evening

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