Lovers on a Marina bench at lunch time enjoying the boats, and each other
Marina bench

Cypress tree hit by lighting
Tree hit by lightning

Tree split by lightning!!
Tree hit by lightning

Early evening moon

early evening moon

View of the moon from my back yard
Early evening moon

Morning haze
rays of sun

Path home

I love the texture of this palm
Palm frond texture

I love the texture!

Elephant ear plant

Strange, lumpy tree

A strange tree
A strange tree

It's a jungle

Red in the center

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Morning moon, clear blue sky

Afternoon moon
Afternoon moon
Moon in the afternoon

Blue sky, white clouds and palm trees.
February 2011.

Very tall palm trees, blue sky

An unknown pod plant thing

Knobby tree bark
Bumpy tree

Rays of sunshine
morning sun



Walking trail

Hike in the woods
hike in the woods

My view today

my view
wild woods

I love bamboo
I love bamboo

Sitting in the grass
sitting in the grass

Fire sunset

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