May 11, 2014


May moon, 2014
May moon 2014

I... I think I'll stand.
Yeah, I'll stand.
Have a seat

Nature walk

Bike rider
Family sunday
family sunday
family sunday

on the boardwalk

Fire sunset
Blue, pink and orange/red

Fire sunset

Cypress knee
cypress knee
cypress knees

Found a Pepsi can on a nail in a tree
Pepsi can nailed to a tree

Smiley face on a tree out in the woods somewhere
tree smile

boardwalk at your own risk

Found this stash of trash while on my walk


Pedestrian bridge

Old power line pole
tree sap

Leaves growing out of leaves??
a leaf with something growing out of it!

Winter Walk
January 2013
Nature walk

Little cactus in the sun

little cactus in the sun

White succulents
white succulent
white succulent

Nice backyard
Nice back yard

Lots of Spanish moss
spanish moss
spanish moss

Tiny tomato?
Orange "tomato"

Blue sky, brown branches
Blue branches

Are you lookin' at me?

Just somewhere out in the woods on an
unusually cold day in March, 2013

Out in the woods
Out in the woods

a lawn frog in the middle of the woods
Suddenly... a lawn frog

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