Back porch

back porch
back porch

Early evening walk

sidewalk walk

Long walk on the trail
long trail

Afternoon stroll
afternoon stroll

Ornamental cabbage
ornmamental cabbage

ornmamental cabbage

This way

this way

That way
that way

Sunset clouds.
April 20, 2016.

april 20, 2016

Silhouette of a cat on
a roof at sunset.

cat on a roof

November sunrise
Sunrise in November

I found something in the woods.
I'm not quite sure what I've stumbled upon here.

A glass of wine (still sealed) and an apple with a note inside.
i found something in the woods

There appears to be a note inside of the apple.
I left it alone so hopefully the person it was intended for could find it.
what did I find

Outdoor shower

outdoor shower

The bark on this tree is interesting
colorful tree bark

Don't get too close!
Prickly pear cactus.
don't get too close!

Prickly pear cactus
sharp cactus

Sunrise August 2016

august sunrise

into the woods

Berry Farm
[click to embiggen]

berry farm- click to embiggen

Pine tree sap.

pine tree sap

This stuff is the worst.
pine tree sap

Strange tree bark
knarly bark
knarly bark

Dotted leaf
orange leaf

Sunset on May 28, 2016
Sun dipping behind a building

Pod within a pod
skin pod

Morning run in the woods

merning run
morning run

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