The hills are alive with
the smell of garbage!


Mushroom in the morning
morning mushroom

September 2018
Sky on fire.
sky on fire

Lazy morning in a hammock
lazy morning, hammock

Butterfly bench!
butterfly bench

Pile of pallets
pile of pallets

Down in the dumps
down in the dumps


Jude '15
jude '15

November sunrise 2017
november sunrise 2017

August 2017 sunrise
August 2017 sunrise

Early evening moon
7:21 pm

Fallen tree

fallen tree

Summer sunset
Sunner sunset in August

Before the storm
september 17

Sunday morning walk.
This tree!
Ah, Sunday in the park!

Sunset in the parking lot.
December 2017.

sunset in the mall parking lot

Cute lil paw prints!

paw prints in cement

Paw prints from a tiny dog left in cement
tiny paw prints in cement

The park in September
the park

Sunset on the way home

sunset on the way home
sunset on the way home

Otter save H20
otters save h2o

Summer of '17
boardwalk summer of '17

Wednesday wander
Wednesday wander

Those rolling hills
rolling hills
rolling hills

Tree farm
tree farm

I'm not sure but I think I found a stash of food in the bushes.
Apples, tangerines, and sweet potatoes.
did I find a food stash?

March 2017 sunset

march 2017 sunset


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