Miscellaneous outdoor and nature photos.

in the park at sunset

party plant

Long walk
long walk on a brick road

In the woods
lost in the woods

Log for a bridge
lost in the woods

spaceship in a tree? maybe more of a rocket than a spaceship.

I'm not sure but I think I found a stash of food in the bushes.
Apples, tangerines, and sweet potatoes.
did I find a food stash?


sidewalk walk
long trail
long trail
in the city

A very large snail shell
large snail shell

Large snail shell

Silhouette of a cat on a roof at sunset
cat on a roof
into the woods

Berry Farm
[click to embiggen]

berry farm- click to embiggen

I found something in the woods.
I'm not quite sure what I've stumbled upon here.

i found something in the woods

There appears to be a note inside of an apple.
what did I find

Camp shower
camp shower

Camo lizard
camo lizard

The bark on this tree is interesting
colorful tree bark

Moon at 18:00
moon at 6 pm

Sunrise August 2016
august sunrise

Don't get too close!
don't get too close!

Prickly pear cactus
sharp cactus

Pine tree sap.
pine tree sap

This stuff is the worst.
pine tree sap

Strange tree bark
knarly bark
knarly bark

Dotted leaf
orange leaf

Sunset on May 28, 2016
Sun dipping behind a building
evening walk in june 2016

Morning run in the woods
merning run
morning run

Pod within a pod
skin pod
leaves in the sunlight

Box turtle
box turtle


Sky in black and white
August 2016 black and white
Saturday afternoon

Pink bunny statue
pink bunny statue
lady bliss

After 6pm
after 6 pm
white bridge
under the white bridge

September sunset in the woods
sunset in the woods
sunset in the woods

The moon last night
the moon last night

I think this is a tortoise. We're friends though. I see her quite often.
(PSA- Never feed or molest wildlife.)

lil friend

Picking fresh berries
on the farm

Metal sculpture
metal sculpture
metal sculpture

Spring morning. May 2014.
spring morning- 84F
walking path

It would be nice if they could provide a trash can so
people wouldn't have to litter.

no one likes a litterbug

Sunset on my walk
Wow sunset

Vertical version.
I couldn't decide which one I liked more!

this sunset

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