Jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories

Jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories

"And that's when I snapped"

That's when I snapped

Pink piggy slippers.
Winter 2010
Pink piggy slippers-winter 2010. Mitsubishi 65" Diamond series

Random party shoes
left on a chair.

Party shoes

Knee socks sock hop party
Sock hop
Sock hop

Sock hop
striped knee socks

My favorite fuzzy red hat
Fuzzy red hat


Guess dress
Guess dress

Workout stuff
5 pound weights, skechers, jump rope, towel, mat

That time I tried to make
resin jewelry. Fail. Marvin the
Martian confetti, pumpkin-shaped candy sprinkles.

resin jewelry

Resin pendants.
Weed flower found outside, Halloween candy sprinkles,
fake plastic Halloween spider.

resin pendants

The noxious odor of the resin
is overwhelming, and the resin takes a very,
VERY long time to dry. I'm not sure it ever did dry out completely.

resin pendants

Classic RHCP shirt
RHCP Navarro Outtake

Sun hat.
Not my fave, but necessary.

my hat says hello

ornate cross

rocks pin

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