Spider sitting in her web high up in the trees
Spider in web against the blue morning sky

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Spider in her web, morning moon against the clear blue skySpider hanging in her web...

Look at those back legs!

eastern lubber grasshopper

A green fly in a yellow flower
green fly yellow flower
green fly yellow flower
fly butt in a yellow flower
dragonfly photobomb

Butterfly on a garden hose

Fuzzy butterfly!

monarch butterfly on a hot summer day

Fire ant mound
Fire ant mound

A million ANGRY fire ants!
you wont like them when they're angry

Dragonfly on a tree
Dragon fly on tree

Carpenter bee
Carpenter bee

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Spider eggs?Golden silk spider with 7 legsMamaspider
Bee face in a flower
Yellow butterfly face down in purple morning gloryMay Butterfly
Do Not Mow sign dragonflyHemlock
busybee.jpgWorking beeGreen bee in a yellow flower

Some kind of moth (?) crawling on the edge of a fountain.
Large moth
large orb weaver
spider's web

Cicada shell
cicada shell


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