Pink crape myrtle
My pink crape myrtle in bloom!

Purple and yellow
weed flowers

Purple and yellow weed flower

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purple with yellow weed flower thumbnailYellow butterfly face down in purple morning glory thumbnail
Grandma's Pink orchid thumbnail Grandma's orchid thumbnailGrandma's Orchid
Working bee thumbnail busybee thumbnail

Poinsettia with rain drops
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Hemlock Hemlock

Century plant bloom
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Flower from a century plant
Yellow flower thumbnail Yellow flower thumbnail

Peach rose

perfect peach rose in a garden

Red and white marbled rose
red and white marbled rose

Red Tower Ginger
red tower ginger
red tower ginger

Divine Orange impatiens
Divine orange impatiens

Two large roses
two large roses in a garden

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May Butterfly
Bee faceGreen bee in a yellow flower

Purple flowers from Home Depot
purple flowers in a bunch

Pink flower petals
along the walkway
pink petals along sidewalk

yellow daisy

Brown-eyed Susan?
Yellow echinacea maybe? Not sure.

Yellow flower with brown center and green background
Red and yellow flowers

Little purple wild flowers
purple and yellow flowers
swamp flower in the morning in front of the lake


Daisies in a jar
pink daisies

Bougainvillea in bloom.
Bougainvillea in bloom

flowers in the evening

azalea  flowers in the evening

Morning glory flowers?
(I'm not sure!)
I think these are morning glory flowers but I'm not sure

Unknown type of flowering plant I found
on an evening walk.

flower type unknown

Mildly interesting -
Aloe flower bud looks
like an asparagus.

aloe flower bud that looks like an asparagus with tree trunk in background

White and lavender morning glory
Morning glory flower

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