Dried roses
dried roses

Shrimp plant to
attract butterflies!

Shrimp flowers

in bloom

Little sunflower
little sunflower!
in bloom

Tabebuia blooms only once a year

tabebuia tree only blooms once a year

Valentine's Day roses
Val Rose
Val Rose

Val Rose

2 week roses

Val rose

Wish I could remember what these pretty purple flowers are
but I lost the tag for them :/

pretty purple flowers

Peach and yellow
roses from Mom

earl grey and a rose
Val Rose

Found a random rose on our walk,
Sunday Feb 2nd, 2014
random rose

Two tone rose!
two-tone rose
pale rosebud

Rose tree
knobby rose tree

Scarlet Bugler Penstemon Centranthifolius.
Love the color, shape, texture of this flower!
scarlet bugler penstemon centranthifolius
scarlet bugler penstemon centranthifolius

A Callistemon, or Crimson Bottle Brush
tree, is my favorite!
Bottle brush tree
Bottle brush tree


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