Valentine's Day roses
Val Rose
Val Rose

Val Rose

2 week roses

Val rose

Wish I could remember what these pretty purple flowers are
but I lost the tag for them :/

pretty purple flowers

Peach and yellow roses from Mom

earl grey and a rose
Val Rose

Found a random rose on our walk,
Sunday Feb 2nd, 2014

random rose

Two tone rose!
two-tone rose
pale rosebud

Rose tree
knobby rose tree

A Callistemon, or Crimson Bottle Brush
tree, is my favorite!

Bottle brush tree

Bottle brush tree

Callistemon, or Crimson Bottle Brush tree
Bottle brush tree
Bottle brush flower
Bottle brush tree
Bottle brush tree

Scarlet Bugler Penstemon Centranthifolius.
Love the color, shape, texture of this flower!
scarlet bugler penstemon centranthifolius
scarlet bugler penstemon centranthifolius

Red roses

I got to keep the centerpiece from the Service Awards,
but it looks a little wonky now because it
fell off the seat in my car when I was driving home :/
Service Awards Centerpiece

Red rose centerpiece
Purple Daisy

My carnation corsage boutonniere
from the Service Awards
Service Awards



Blooming kalanchoe
My Kalanchoe in the sun!


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