Photos of Flowers and house plants

Accidental sunflower.
Sunflowers started growing as a result of bird feed falling
out of the feeder. Kelly's favorite flower was the sunflower.
Kelly's favorite flower
garden statue
garden statue with pink roses

Large pink camellia
large pink camellia

Ponytail palm
Ponytail palm



fuzzy flowers

Pink camellia bud with ants
camellia bud with ants

Large camellia
pink camellia
pink camellia
pink camellia

click for zoom
click for zoom

fantastic flower

mimosa pudica

Lily flowers

Water lilies
Lily flowers

Lily flowers

Blueberry flowers at U-Pick farm
blueberry flowers

Albizia julibrissin
Albizia julibrissin

Bottle brush

Soaking up the sun
african bush daisy in the sun


African bush daisy
african bush daisy to attract butterflies

Pink pentas
pink pentas flowers to attract butterflies

Free wildflower seeds from Cheerios!
free wildflower seeds from Cheerios!

Strawberry flowers
strawberry flowers

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