Canines, cats, birds and other pets I know but don't own.

jet ski dog

He loves the jet ski!
jet ski dog

Mr. Spicy
Mr. Spicy

What is it, Mr. Spicy?
Mr. Spicy


Dog on board!
Dog on board
Goin' for a ride

Matilda in black and white

Matilda in color

Large koi
large koi

Coco Bear on Halloween.
Such a good girl!
Coco on Halloween

Kitty on the roof at sunset
cat on the roof

Kitty in the grass
kitty in black and white

Someone heard me making coffee this morning :)
I see a kitty!

He thinks he's hiding and I can't see him LOL
I can still see you!

She's a good kitty.
Matilda keeping watch

Albino Burmese python
Bill the albino burmese
Bill the albino burmese

Bill the albino burmese

This kitty is sitting where Gremlin likes to sit.
hey there, kitty!

This kitty was all, "Hey. I heard yous are lookin' for a new pet."
black and white kitty

Captain Jack at his usual lookout post
captain jack
Captain Jack kitty
Known simply as

Captain Jack had a shy friend
Captain Jack's shy friend

He (or she?) became curious at the sound of the shutter click.
Captain Jack's shy friend

Matilda (not my kitty)

cute cookie
cute cookie

Sweet ol' Bernice

Old girl, but a happy girl!

Sweet Angel. (Cone due to allergies.)
Sweet Angel

Angel the Basset Hound
Sweet puppy

She's a good girl :)
Sweet Angel

Look at that face!

Dog butt! :)
Dog butt! :):):)
She's a good girl!


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