Strolling through the park
Big white bird
Two ducks at the lake

Peek-A-Boo bird!
Peek-A-Boo bird!

White duck shaking off
water from the lake

Duck twirl

Eagle sitting in a pine tree


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Bird's eye
bird's eye

Sitting duck

one duck
one duck

Ducks and an egret on a fence

ducks in a row

Two desert cardinals landed on the skylight but I wasn't quick enough,
one flew away before I could grab the camera.

Desert Cardinal
black and white

Vultures in dead tree

vultures in dead tree

Hawk with prey

Bird of prey

Mama duck and baby duck
Mamma duck and baby duck

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Judith duck, "I'm ready for my close-up." The mamma duck
Mamma duck Baby duck

Birds on the beach.
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Beach bird Beach bird
Bird watchBird watchHi seagull

Great blue heron
Great blue heron
Great blue heron
Great blue heron
Great blue heron
Great blue heron
Great blue heron

Black swan at the park
black swan

White swans
white swans

It almost looks as if he is scratching the duck's head
head scratch
red cardinal

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Soaring in the sky blue luster bird

great blue heron

Wood ducks.
Male left, female right.

wood ducks


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