Shiranian Puppy Widget, 10 weeks old
Shiranian puppy

Sleepy Shiranian puppy, Widget
Shiranian puppy

Tiny Shiranian puppy grabs the Mommy's hand
as she scratches his little chest

Shiranian puppy
Shiranian puppy

Widget learned his name immediately.
He's always been The Widget

Shiranian puppy
there's widget

Beautiful Male Shiranian
silver and black is the widget


That little snoot
Little Snoot
i'll kill it!
Nap time!
those little eyes

In need of a haircut
sweet face
november 08

Watching Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
Jessica Alba, Dark Angel
Dark Angel
kitchen widget

the widget man
giving opinion

The Handsome Man
The Widget Man
The Widget Man

The Perfect Man

Widget 2002

Widget really loves to bake in the sun
summer widget
baking in the sun

lazy widget
The Widget Man

Widget loves to look out the window

The little face is looking at you.
Widget The WIdget

*Disclaimer: Widget does NOT play Ball or Fetch. He plays, You Throw It
And I Kill It. Play at your own risk.

"Did you say play ball?"
Beautiful Widget

"C'mon Mommy! I'll kill it for you! Just kick it!"

Widget wants to kill it!

Widget running

Relaxing on the Mommy's Harry Potter book
relaxing on harry potter book

Widget loves to look out the window
Widget loves to look out the window
"Heard an off colour joke" Widget

GIMME whatever I want, and give it to me NOW.

widget loves to look out the window


Widget loves to sit on my desk.
Good thing he's a small dog!

Widget on my desk

Reading White Fluffy Clouds (by Brandon Boyd) to Widget
White Fluffy Clouds

"Ooooohhhhh yeeeaaaaahhhhh. I love to bake in the sun, mommy."
yard widget

Widget likes to sleep in the basket of clean socks.
Widget in a basket

"I'm a poor starving dog. Will someone feed me? Please?"
the little man
The "I WANT IT" Widget

"Bath? Did you say bath? It sounded like you said bath. I don't want no bath."
No bath.

The Clean Boy:
clean boy!

How was your bath Widget?
Wet Widget

"Eh. I need another treat, please Mommy. See, I'm sitting for the picture.
So can I have the treat??? You know I require a minimum of 5 treats
after something like a bath. Just say that magic word... I'm waiting..."

Widget right after a bath
say what?

Snoozing Beauty:
the funny man

The Little Man loves to sleep in bed like a people:
morning widget
my little man sleeping in bed like a people
morning man
morning man

"Mommy, I want to sit on the desk and look out the window."
widget always wants

The "What is this doing on my floor?" Widget
my good boy

"Get it off the floor, mommy. I'm the only thing that belongs on the floor."
always the curious man
Widget The WIdget
Widget likes it in the box

Widget's winter coat
Widget's winter coat

Sometimes he thinks he's the kitty
my little man
on mommy's desk

little man loves to sit on the desk
smoochy sleepy face

Widget The WIdget
just a small taste...
Can I haz?

Widget has spotted the kitty.
the Widget really is a little man

Widget "begs" at the kitty. The kitty ignores him.

begging at the kitty

that little face
Widget loves his "house"
couch widget