Meet The Widget!
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Breed: Pomeranian shih tzu mix
D.O.B: 02/02/00
Sex: Male
I brought Widget home on April 09, 2000
Favorite food: chicken and steak
Pet peeves:

15 weeks / 15 years
15 weeks vs 15 years

Always taking the Mommy for a walk :)
always taking me for a walk!


The happy face of the Widget who ate
bacon TWICE in one day!

Happy boy!

Widget was NOT happy about the bow the Vet
put in his hair or the fact that everyone in the office was so delighted by it.
not happy about the bow

Widget is enjoying his summer haircut
Widget is enjoying his summer haircut

Hot day at the beach
beach fun with the boy!

"Is this for me? I like cupcakes."
Is this for me?

Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2014. Taking me for a morning walk.
It's his 14th birthday, so I don't mind one bit.
14th birthday

happy boy

7am walk with the Widget!
7am walk with the Widge

The Gorgeous Widget
The Gorgeous Widget

Which Widget is which?

Sweet Widget

Widget's favorite thing to do!
sunday morning walk

Widget has no time for the Mamarazzi :p

Krispy Kreme doughnuts and The Widget
Krispy Kreme
Widget under the covers

This is how The Widget Man takes a nap.
Crazy nap

Widget face
Dat face

Eating his Chew-lotta bone!
chewing his chew-lotta
Two black and white Widgets

Are we there yet?

Widget through a fisheye lens

Widget thru a fisheye

How the Widget keeps warm on cold days
How the Widget keeps warm on cold days

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