Fresh produce from Blue Apron.
Cherry tomatoes, fairy tale
eggplant and mint.
Follow this link for more on
my Blue Apron experience!

fresh produce

Sweet peppers, summer squash,
fairy tale eggplant, chives. So colorful!
fresh produce

Summer squash.
Currants added (right.)
summer squash
fairy tale eggplant in the pan

Golden sweet piquante peppers
golden sweet piquante peppers

black eyed peas raw

Black eyed peas
(not vegetarian, made with
ham and bacon.)
With roasted green beans.
black eyed peas, rice, roasted green beans

Gorgeous butter lettuce
butter lettuce

Purple potatoes.
Boiled and ready to be riced.
Purple potatoes

Ricing the purple potatoes
Purple potatoes

Uhhhhh. Yeah.
Looks like Play-doh. Tasted like it, too.

Purple potatoes

Mashed purple potatoes- FAIL.
Purple potatoes

Even cheese and bacon couldn't
save these sorry potatoes.

Purple potatoes

Bok choy
bok choy

Cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers
with garlic, summer squash.

Ready for the oven
broccoli cheddar turnovers

Broccoli and cheddar turnovers
with arugula and apple salad.
broccoli cheddar turnovers

Stuffed mini peppers (red chili peppers, jalapeno and habanero)
Stuffed with goat cheese, garlic and spices.
(Recipe below)

stuffed mini peppers

Stuffed and roasted mini peppers
5 of each mini peppers (red chili peppers, jalapeno and habanero)
5 oz goat cheese
2 large cloves garlic, grated
1/2 tsp each (or to taste) dried basil, oregano, parsley, chives
*optional- add seeds and ribs removed from pepper to goat
cheese filling (to taste or desired heat)

Combine goat cheese with garlic and spices, chill for 2 hours.
Wash peppers, slice in half and remove insides.

Stuff peppers with desired amount of filling.
Place on parchment-lined baking sheet and
bake in oven at 350F until peppers are tender (15-20 minutes)

Wash peppers in solution of white vinegar and water.
Rinse thoroughly.

wash mini peppers in white vinegar and water

Pat dry
mini peppers

Slice peppers in half and place on parchment-lined baking sheet
slice peppers in half

I used Chavrie goat cheese
chavrie goat cheese

*optional- add seeds and ribs removed from pepper to goat
cheese filling (to taste or desired heat)

pepper guts

Combine goat cheese, grated garlic, spices and chill for 2 hours
goat cheese stuffing for mini peppers

Bake 350F for 15- 20 minutes or until peppers are tender and
cheese has a little color

stuffed mini peppers ready to go into the oven!
twice baked potato

Bacon and Cheddar
Twice Baked Potatoes

twice baked potato

Fresh green beans. I roast them in the oven with a little olive oil,
a bit of red wine vinegar and sesame seeds.
green beans

I roast my asparagus in the oven with a little olive oil. Delish!

Spicy green beans
spicy green beans

Kale salad with green olives, grape tomatoes, cucumber,
mandarin oranges and avocado slices.

kale salad

Fresh asparagus and grape tomatoes
asparagus and tomatoes

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