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astronaut ice cream sandwich

Astronaut ice cream sandwich.
(I ordered it online, and it showed up like this.)
astronaut ice cream sandwich

Freeze-dried ready to eat
space food.

astronaut ice cream sandwich NASA

Crunchies freeze-dried fruit.
Mango is my fave.

crunchies freeze dried fruit
mango crunchies

Suzy Q's
Suzy Q's

Sweet and fiery fruit

sweet fiery gusher
sweet fiery gusher

Green- hot mango
Orange- fiery peach
Red- spicy watermelon

sweet fiery gushers

An unsuccessful attempt at making kettle corn.
The parts that weren't too burned were actually pretty tasty.
(And I still put Tobasco on it!)

Japanese style green tea mochi
from World Market

green tea mochi
green tea mochi

Green tea mochi.
Chewy, starchy, and sweet.

green tea mochi

Inside the green tea mochi.
I might purchase these again, they weren't terrible.

bite out of the green tea mochi
green tea mochi

I'm not sure if these Kawaii cookies
are sweet or savory
since I did not purchase them.

kawaii cookie

Dole dippers.
Strawberry halves coovered in
dark chocolate and frozen.
Sooo very, very good.

dole dippers chocolate covered strawberries

Heinz brand
Spotted Dick sponge pudding.
8/10 would put this Dick in my mouth again.

spotted dick sponge pudding

Homemade frozen yogurt with strawberries
Homemade strawberry frozen yogurt

Homemade strawberry frozen yogurt


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