Salty snacks

pretzel bites

Pretzel bites
pretzel bites
pretzel bites

Deep fried peanuts
deep fried peanuts

So very, very good.
fried peanuts

More like Raunch.
Smartfood Spicy Jalapeño
Ranch (raunch) popcorn.

Smartfood spicy jalapeno raunch

Organic blue popcorn
organic blue popcorn

Popped on the stove!
Popped on the stove!

Try popping it yourself.
You'll never go back.

organic popcorn kernels

Brad's crunchy kale vampire killer.
Is this a snack or a topping? Because I ate it as a snack!
I expected with a name like Vampire Killer,
it would've been very garlicy. It was not.
Still it was pretty good and I can see using
this as a topping or just a snack.

crunchy kale

Seaweed snacks
crunchy seaweed snack

Roasted seaweed snacks.
Salty, crunchy, delicious.
crunchy seaweed snack

Lays Cheddar Bacon
Mac and Cheese
2014 winner. Not bad.

Lays New York Ruben
Pretty good.

Lays NY Ruben

Lays Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries
These taste like a slightly creamier
version of Sour Cream and Onion.

Lays Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries

David sunflower seeds,
chili lime flavor. My favorite brand
but this flavor was meh.

david's sunflower seeds chili lime flavor

Lays chicken and
waffles potato chips

chicken and waffles Lays

Not as good as I was hoping
but not terrible either.
chicken and waffles Lays

Tobasco on popcorn,
my all time favorite
popcorn with tobasco sauce

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Sweet snacks

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