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Manny's tacos
Manny's tacos
Manny's tacos

Fresh, hot Churros!
I will be going back just for these churros

So delicious
Churros gone!

The Enchilada
I thought this looked pretty bad until I tasted it. WHOA.

I wasn't too hopeful when I looked at this big mess, but it was VERY good

I wasn't too hopeful when I looked at this big mess, but it was VERY good

Baked Haddock with sides of mashed potatoes
and cole slaw from BFH.
Worth every penny.

broiled haddock

Food Truck.
I thought food trucks were
suppose to have great prices?
Food truck

Filet Mignon sliders.
Pretty good, the bread was a bit hard.
It's difficult to find good bread :/
Filet Mignon sliders

Paneer Pakora
From local take away. Breading was too thick and the celery salt
too heavy but the cheese inside was good.

Paneer Pakora

Chocolate peanut
butter ice cream

Marcus brought me ice cream at work!
Marcus brought me a waffle cone at work!

Fire Roasted Vegetable soup
Disappointing. I could taste that it was just a can soup augmented with frozen vegetables
and I was expecting a fresh, homemade soup promised in the description.
Taste- 1 star
Price 5.99- 0 stars
Fire Roasted Vegetable soup
Fire Roasted Vegetable soup

My DH's sandwich on the other hand was so delicious, most of it was gone before I could
snap a photo and take a bite.
Taste- 5 stars
Price 7.99- 2 stars

Peanut butter cup latte was perfect
5 Stars
Peanut butter cup latte

Pouring a Coke

No straws
Ginger ale

Sun Chips
(Extra charge)
Sun chips

But you do get a little package of Jelly Belly jelly beans!
(With the sandwich, not the soup)
jelly belly jelly beans
Table view

Their case of cake balls
Cake ball case

(Hot) Cuban sandwich
With Turkey, ham, pickles and swiss cheese
Cuban sandwich

Refreshing Coke with ice
Glass of coke with ice

Random food court burger place
All of the food was absolutely disgusting but these sweet potato fries were just inedible. It's obvious
they were fried earlier, sat around then refried. They were soaked in gross oil indicating the oil in their
fryer had not been changed in... 2 years? If ever? UGH.

The worst sweet potato fries I've ever eaten

And the floor was filthy.
Obviously, I should have known better.
It is the mall afterall.


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