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Savory Sweet Beverages

Random food court burger place
All of the food was absolutely disgusting but these sweet potato fries were just inedible. It's obvious
they were fried earlier, sat around then refried. They were soaked in gross oil indicating the oil in their
fryer had not been changed in... 2 years? If ever? UGH.

The worst sweet potato fries I've ever eaten

And the floor was filthy.
Obviously, I should have known better.
It is the mall afterall.

Chinese take-away.
Some kind of tofu and miso soup.
With Black Magic black spiced rum and lemon on the side!

take away tofu and rum

Amigos celebration lunch, August 2011
Amigos celebration lunch, August 2011
Amigos celebration lunch 2011

Amigos Chips and Salsa
Chips and Salsa

Don't even think of leaving Amigos without ordering the Fried Ice Cream.
In fact, if you only ordered one thing from Amigos it should be the fried ice cream.
There isn't a dessert on the planet better than this fried ice cream.
Blue Bell ice cream, a thick layer of some kind of oats & cinnamon and drizzled with honey.
Fried ice cream
Fried ice cream
Fried ice cream

Dr. Pepper
Dr Pepper

Cherry Martini
Bartender pouring my cherry martini

Bartender makes my cherry martini

cherry martini

Vodka and cran, Newcastle brown ale

Lemon wedges

Opera dinner 2007
Salmon and Gouda mashed potatoes
Salmon and Gouda mashed potatoes
Opera '08
Onion and ale soup
Onion and ale soup

A bristle from a wire grill brush was found in my salmon.
The entree was refunded and replaced, however.

Salmon and Gouda mashed potatoes

Key Lime Pie
Key Lime pie

Opera dinner 2005
Bread and olive oil

Chocolate truffle
Chocolate truffle

Red wine before the opera
Aida- Opera '05

My Thanksgiving/birthday dinner
November 2005

Steak with garlic butter, asparagus, mashed potatoes
Birthday Thanksgiving

Amigos fried ice cream 2005
Fried ice cream

Amigos cheese enchiladas 2004
Shoot the cook

Shoot the cook

Jägerbomb on Kelly Liedel's birthday
April 09, 2005



Coffee shops
Coffee shops

Chain restaurants
IHOP, Longhorn Steakhouse, Hooters, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory,
Waffle House,
Huey Magoos and more.
chain restaurants ihop, waffle house, longhorn steakhouse, olive garden, hooters