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Vegan pancakes!
vegan pancakes

Vegan french toast.
(A lil burnt.)

vegan french toast and grits

Vegan cappuccino to go with the
vegan pancakes and French toast
vegan cappuccino

Brick toast, chocolate ice cream, Ferrero Rocher
and whipped cream.

omg- and this one too!

Octopus in olive oil.
So very, VERY good.

octopus in olive oil

Gator tacos, my favorite!
(No, gator does not taste like chicken.
Let's put that rumour to rest right now.)

gator tacos

Hot Pot.
Tom Yum numb spicy,
and onion broth mild.
hot pot

Dumplings, meatballs,
shrimp balls, scallops, krab
hot pot

Chinese broccoli, dumplings
hot pot
hot pot
hot pot

Rosemary truffle fries

rosemary truffle fries

rosemary truffle fries

Pizza party!
It may not look like it but this is the thinnest,
crispiest pizza on the planet.
pizza party!

Best in Jersey!
italian honey

Lemon drop
lemon drop
lemon drop

Gator is absolutely delicious, and it does NOT taste like chicken.

Blackened gator.
Delicious, and it tastes nothing like chicken.
Blackened Gator

Gator tacos.
Sooooooo good. And these did not taste like chicken, either.
Gator tacos

Mahi tacos.
Not as good as the gator.

Hurricane Breeze.
Hurricane breeze
Hurricane breeze

I love paneer.
From my favorite
local Indian restaurant.


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