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dinning room

Pho bowl
with crispy tofu
pho bowl with crispy tofu


Vietnamese cà phê.

Vietnamese coffee!

Dulce de leche churro.
Not the best churro I've ever
had but certainly not the worst.

Dulce de leche churro

Vegan chick pea salad sandwich
vegan chick pea salad sandwich

Swedish hot dog
Swedish hot dog. Mashed potatoes, crab salad, crispy onions, Swedish spices, Swedish flat bread.

Large tea
large tea

Irish mimosas on Sunday
Irish mimosa Sunday

Magners Irish pear cider.
The most delicious and most refreshing cider I've ever tasted.

Magners Irish cider

Reuben with potato wedges.
The wedges were out of this world, the Reuben was meh.

Reuben sandwich


Taco Tuesday.
Vegan tacos with tempeh.
Purple kraut, pineapple salsa and coconut cream sauce.
vegan tacos with tempeh

Ground beef tacos
it doesn't have to be tuesday


With extra jalapeno.
Always extra jalapeno.
pho fuck yeah

The best bbq I have had in YEARS!
delicious bbq
delicious bbq

OMG this thing
omg- this dessert

Housemade waffle cone, vanilla bean ice cream,
KitKat, and Ferrero Rocher
mmm, get a little closer

Pork baos. The most heavenly bun in the entire world.
With pickled carrots, daikon and cilantro.
pork baos

Get a little closer!
pork baos

Purple tacos
purple vegan tacos

Chimichanga with shredded pork

Fried ice cream tacos!
As good as they sound.
fried ice cream tacos

Ok, I am officially obsessed with
this vegan chocolate mousse

vegan chocolate mousse

Looks excellent but sadly, was way too dry.
That thimble of bbq sauce there was
not enough for such a large sandwich.
And that ear of corn was 3 bucks- WUT?

Greens tossed with roasted cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and eggplant.
Topped with jicama, red bell pepper, celery, zucchini, peas, pepitas,
carrots, and a spicy rosemary dressing.

best salad ever
best salad ever

Vegan pasta
vegan pasta

Vegan brownies

vegan brownies

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