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Succulent on the table
succulent on the table

Unsweetened iced tea
unsweetened iced tea

Aloe plant
aloe plant

Vegan chili cheese not-dogs
vegan chili cheese not-dog

Vegan mac and cheese
vegan mac and cheese

Handmade (right in front of me!) chocolate ice cream
with oreo and walnuts. In a housemade waffle cone.
handmade ice cream

Spicy miso ramen.
Pork cha-shu, bok choy,
corn, bean sprouts, futomen.
spicy miso ramen

dinning room

Crispy tofu baos
crispy tofu baos
crispy tofu baos

Fried bao with ice cream, caramel sauce and
crushed honey roasted peanuts.
dessert bao

Vegan pumpkin spice pancakes

Tofu breakfast scramble

tofu scramble

Unsweetened iced with a view of the sunset

Vegan chick pea salad sandwich
vegan chick pea salad sandwich

Rosemary truffle fries are life
rosemary truffle fries

Swedish hot dog
Swedish hot dog. Mashed potatoes, crab salad, crispy onions, Swedish spices, Swedish flat bread.

Pho bowl with crispy tofu
pho bowl with crispy tofu


Vietnamese cà phê.

Vietnamese coffee!

Dulce de leche churro.
Not the best churro I've ever
had but certainly not the worst.

Dulce de leche churro

Large tea
large tea

Irish mimosas on Sunday
Irish mimosa Sunday

Magners Irish pear cider.
The most delicious and most refreshing cider I've ever tasted.

Magners Irish cider

Reuben with potato wedges.
The wedges were out of this world, the Reuben was meh.

Reuben sandwich


Taco Tuesday.
Vegan tacos with tempeh.
Purple kraut, pineapple salsa and coconut cream sauce.
vegan tacos with tempeh

Ground beef tacos
it doesn't have to be tuesday


With extra jalapeno.
Always extra jalapeno.
pho fuck yeah


Coffee shops
Chain restaurants