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They were so preoccupied
with whether or not they could,
they didn't stop to think if they should.
Chicken and waffles eggs benedict.
chicken and waffles eggs benedict

Spicy shrimp bao and spare rib bao
shrimp and spare rib baos

(not so) Spicy tots
spicy tots

Purple taco shells with pulled pork
purple pork tacos

Taco Tuesday
Shredded beef tacos with beans and rice.

shredded beef tacos

omg churros and ice cream

Vegan beer flight.
(L-R) Ciderboys - Strawberry Magic (my fav!), Sixpoint - Resin,
MIA - Freestyle Mega Mix, Lexington Co. - Bourbon Barrel Ale
vegan beer flight

vegan beer flight

Bacon, egg, cheese on a croissant


Raspberry and cream taiyaki

Brick toast with vanilla bean ice cream, Nutella,
strawberries and honey.
brick toast

This vegan chocolate mousse is life
vegan chocolate mousse

Vegan cappuccino
mmm, vegan cappuccino

Succulent on the table
succulent on the table

Unsweetened iced tea
unsweetened iced tea

Aloe plant
aloe plant

Vegan chili cheese not-dogs
vegan chili cheese not-dog

Vegan mac and cheese
vegan mac and cheese

Handmade (right in front of me!) chocolate ice cream
with oreo and walnuts. In a housemade waffle cone.
handmade ice cream

Spicy miso ramen.
Pork cha-shu, bok choy,
corn, bean sprouts, futomen.
spicy miso ramen

Crispy tofu baos
crispy tofu baos
crispy tofu baos

Fried bao with ice cream, caramel sauce and
crushed honey roasted peanuts.
dessert bao

Vegan pumpkin spice pancakes

Tofu breakfast scramble

tofu scramble

Unsweetened iced with a view of the sunset

Rosemary truffle fries are life
rosemary truffle fries


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