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Guinness on tap

Cronut burger
Cronut burger

Cronut tossed with cinnamon-sugar served
with a half pound Angus burger topped with
maple-pepper bacon, smoked Gouda cheese
and an over medium egg
Cronut burger

what the pho?

Crispy tofu baos
crispy tofu baos

Miso soup
miso soup


Tempura shrimp
tempura shrimp

Pizza with jalapeños
pizza with jalapenos

Nutella crepes
nutella crepe

Strawberries, whipped cream,
custard, Nutella
nutella crepe

nutella crepe

Nom yen
nom yen
nom yen and ginger tea

Brick toast
brick toast
brick toast

Chorizo tacos
taco tuesday, chorizo tacos

"Deep" dish pizza

Cheese pizza
cheese pizza

Cadillac margarita
cadillac margarita

Blood orange margarita
blood orange margarita

Ceviche tostada
ceviche tostada

Camarones a la diabla
camarones a la diabla


Vanilla bean ice cream, fresh raspberry, fresh blueberry,
raspberry syrup, black berry syrup, crushed peanut,
whipped cream, and a waffle cone.

the witch

Korean beef bulgogi with
assorted kimchi on the side.
beef bulgogi

Seasoned seaweed.
Add a bit of rice and kimchi
and eat like a taco. Soooo good.
seasoned seaweed

Korean dessert drink
Korean dessert drink

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Coffee shops
Coffee shops
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Texas de Brazil, Longhorn Steakhouse, Hooters,
The Melting Pot, Hillstone, Dairy Queen,

Huey Magoos, IHOP, and more.

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