At this moment you should be with us...
In loving memory of our beautiful
Kelly Jean Liedel

April 09, 1973- April 04, 1996
Monroe, Mi

The following poem was written by
Allun J. Dawkins, October 1997

Herefordshire, Great Britain

A cloud bursts
Your loss hurts
Our minds astray
Now that you've gone away
Your essence of the present
Will never lose it's relevance, to me

She's a star, shine ever after
She's a star, for I hear the laughter
that lingers thru all the years
And now we sit upon this domineering dreamscape
that flows thru time and space without escape

And now whenever a day breaks thru the mist
It's always going to be you we miss
And as far as we can tell
You miss us as well

Kelly Jean, you're all too beautiful
Erotically enigmatic, life ever eventful
Life so short but oh so meaningful
Like the setting sun upon the horizon
You lived a lifetime of excitement and fun

Just as we got to know you
Events occurred and we heard what we knew
A life we loved had been taken away
Nothing will ever hurt as much as that day

Lingering images play upon our minds
It's as if you are giving us some sort of sign
Emancipate your soul to a boundless energy
Destiny desires our daydream deity
Enabling you to shine like the sun
Live forever Kelly Jean,

Allun J. Dawkins, October 1997
Kelly Liedel in Lourdes, France


Ice Cream Bat

"Lacey shagged a cadaver!"

Jag minns en dröm om snö, det är svårt att se dig, som en glasbit i en vattenpöl som frös

Edna St Vincent Millay

three long mountains and a wood
breathless hush

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