UFO Early Warning Detection System
(Or so I was told. To date it has detected nothing.)

ufo early warning detection system

UFO detector.
(This thing hasn't detected any UFOs either.)
ufo detector

Hot Pink Sony Vaio Laptop

Hot Pink Sony Vaio Laptop

You're standing on my neck...

I shoot raw

Jane's Addiction
Spin magazine August 2003
Jane's Addiction cover of Spin Magazine

The Keep
The Keep
varda the dish, girl (It's Marc Bolan, silly!)

The Departed
The Departed

United States of Tara on Netflix
United States of Tara

Sunshine Cleaning-
WORST MOVIE EVER. Don't waste your time or money.

Working rabbit
working rabbit

Ran out of Post-It tape flags to mark the important pages.
(Hunting A Psychopath by Richard Shelby)
Hunting A Psychopath by Richard Shelby. #EAR-ONS

"The victims did not match."
oh just reading an old classic...

"If twenty years as a cop taught me anything..."
oh just reading an old classic...

Workout stuff
5 pound weights, skechers, jump rope, towel, mat

Party shoes
(Not mine)
Party shoes

This guy
This guy

Giant Serta sheep
giant serta sheep

Stuffed doggie
lil doggy

Stuffed Moose
stuffed deer

Logitech Mouse trackball

Press the button for a funny word
funny word

this thing
shark fin waves

'Twas my favorite laptop for
a long time. Not anymore.

HP dv9000

Complaint Card
Complaint Card


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