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Disposable Kodak camera
(and a cuppa.)
kodak disposable

Go Ask Alice on dvd

Go Ask Allice- 1973

A ridiculously ADORABLE
photo by Terry Richardson

Gary Oldman and Mr. French.

Nil by Mouth. Gary Oldman AND Mr. French, nice.

Jane's Addiction.
Recommended listening.

jane's addiction, "I just wanna FUUUUCCKKK!"

High fidelity.

Widget's big Beanie Baby pig
Widget's big Beanie pig

My mattress has my initial :p
My mattress has my initial

Face in the table
table face

One dollar coin 1776-1976
Liberty coin 1776-1976

Liberty coin 1776-1976

The Princess Bride
Recommended viewing.

The Princess Bride

Private Parts
Recommended viewing

Howard Stern Private Parts

Light reading

Peep hole


Gifts for me!
Gifts from B! TACK!

Chef Ramsay and my feet recovering from
three hours of Lindy Hop.


I love Daria
I love Daria

IQ Game
IQ Test

Stained glass church window
Stained glass window by talented artist Jamaico

Gorgeous rainbow shag rug
barcelona shag rainbow rug
barcelona shag rainbow rug

Rug that looks like Cookie Monster!
new rug looks like cookie monster!

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