Hello, operator. Give me number 9. . .
hello operator



Fake bread of some kind.
Not sure if those crystals represent salt or sugar?

fake bread

fake bread

Found with the display dinnerware at JC Penny
fake bread

"Same small cock"
same small cock, sudden terror by larry crompton

Tea and a book
black tea and a book sent to me by a very good friend
red dwarf

Clown painting from the 60's.
Clown painting

Smallish blue and pale pink conch shell
Smallish conchshell

Spotted sea shell
Spotted sea shell
Spotted sea shell

Spikey conch shell
spikey seashell

This thing looks like it could walk away on its own.
spikey seashell

spikey seashell

Small conch shell
Small Conch shell

Pack of 16 TDK cassette tapes
TDK cassette tapes


Don't Try This At Home
by Dave Navarro
Don't Try This At Home

I'm positive I would have been a Ravenclaw.

The Secret of Nimh book
The Secret of Nimh

The Secret Garden
by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden

Watching tv in bed.
Widget only cares about the popcorn :)
In bed watching the 62" Mitsubishi

Popcorn in bed, watching Seinfeld.
Popcorn in bed

Watching Hugo in bed
In bed watching Hugo on BluRay

Watching tV in bed
Rated R

Watching Masterchef in bed

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