Hello, operator. Give me number 9. . .
hello operator

beer pong

In legal trouble?
"Better Call Saul!"

Better call Saul!

Keepin' it relative
tee shirt

Large, very old, peeling conch shell.
Found in the Bahamas.
Large, peeling conch shell

Big shell, little shell
Little shell, big shell

Receiver/8 Track Player
Receiver/8 track

Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.."

My 13 year old film and note from the Lab Tech :o
Kodak film 400 35mm

Vintage Japanese Pachinko machine!

Vintage Japanese Pachinko machine

Mathematics of Classical And Quantum Physics
(and a cup of tea.)

Mathematics of classical and quantum physics

friend gave me this book called Go Ask Alice. The actual diary of a
15 year old girl. By some accounts this is a fictional book.

Go Ask Alice

"...a woman's place to be long-suffering and
patient and tolerant and understanding."

Go Ask Alice

A very interesting and odd time to have been alive.
Go Ask Alice

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
Go Ask Alice

Miss Double Triple Fink Mouth
Miss Double Triple Fink Mouth

One dollar coin 1776-1976
Liberty coin 1776-1976

Liberty coin 1776-1976

IBM Selectric II
IBM Selectric II


Gary Oldman & Chole Webb as Sid & Nancy
16x20 print. Gift from Kelly.
Gary Oldman & Chole Webb as Sid & Nancy

And I Don't Want To Live This Life, by Deborah Spungen
And I Don't Want To Live This Life book

Doborah Spungen, Nancy Spungen

Fake roach in a coffee cup.
This cup is from the 60's. Very old!
roach cup

Culture Club, Walking Up With The House On Fire vinyl.
Culture Club vinyl

PointyKitty.Org postcards
Post cards

Coffee And Cigarettes.
Recommended viewing.
coffee and cigarettes

An interesting series starring Angela Chase and Inigo Montoya.
Homeland Season 1


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