Philips stereo microphone EL 3784/01
vintage philips stereo microphone EL 3784/01

For your... Perfect smoking pleasure
For your perfect smoking pleasure

Zenith Cobra Matic
Zenith Cobra Matic

Memorex cassette tapes
Cassette tapes

Nil By Mouth
Recommended viewing.
nil by  mouth, gary oldman


Pens made from pine cones.
Pine cone pens

Many years ago, a friend made these pens for me from
the pine cones in her yard.

Pine cone pens
Pine cone pens

Fuck yeah- Harry Potter stamps!
Fuck yeah- Harry Potter Stamps!
Fuck yeah- Harry Potter Stamps!

Fuck yeah- Harry Potter Stamps!

Fuck yeah- Harry Potter Stamps!

Graduation gator
graduation gator

Park Lane Hotel shower cap
The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel

The 1968 quarter makes me wonder if it has ever
appeared in a picture before?

1968 quarter black and white

45 years of the Original Night Stalker.

Frozen In Fear, Jane Carson-Sandler
Hunting A Psychopath, Richard Shelby
Sudden Terror, Larry Crompton
*The identity of the Original Night Stalker is unknown.

On April 25, 2018,
The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker/Golden State Killer
was unmasked once and for all.

3 EAR-ONS books

Sudden Terror, by Larry Crompton

Sudden Terror, Larry Crompton
bags for travel


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