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Mid-century TV lamp.
mid-century tv lamp

Antique flea market find!
mid-century tv lamp

This dude was just hangng out at the
antique flea market.
flea market find

Boy George cassette singles.
boy george cassette singles

Don't Take My Mind On A Trip
You Found Another Guy.

boy george cassette singles

This sexy pink Zenith S-48187 radio,
circa 1960.
Zenith radio S-48187

Sexy from every angle.
Zenith radio S-48187
Zenith radio S-48187

Old-timey Coke machine
drink coke in bottles

Large taxidermy gator
taxidermy gator

Taxidermy gators
taxidermy gators

Gator claws
gator claws

For your... Perfect smoking pleasure
For your perfect smoking pleasure

Zenith Cobra Matic
Zenith Cobra Matic


Ohm's Law keychain
Ohm's Law keychain

Culture Club.
Move Away extended remix on vinyl.

Culture Club Move Away Extended version

culture club move away extended version

Boy George, High Hat on vinyl
Boy George High Hat

Playing my old records for my friends.
The way people used to do long, long ago.

Boy George. High Hat on vinyl

And the best for last.
Nothing sounds better than The Working Hour on vinyl.
Tears For Fears, Songs From The Big Chair.
Songs From The Big Chair

Assistant manager
assistant manager

Philips stereo microphone EL 3784/01
vintage philips stereo microphone EL 3784/01

Found a button
found a button

SAMs Photofact CB Radio Series
May 1976

SAMs Photofact

Culture Club pins.
Boy George and Helen Terry!

Culture Club pins with Helen Terry!

Memorex cassette tapes
Cassette tapes

I'm never really sure if you're just kissing to be clever...
Culture Club t-shirt from the 2015 Tour (see my pics from the
concert by clicking this link.)

Miss Me Blind

Nil By Mouth
Recommended viewing.
nil by  mouth, gary oldman


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