The Ice Bar. June 23, 2013.

Ice Bar

I've wanted to go to an Ice Bar for so long!
Ice Bar
blue lemonade

Glass made of ice with a shot of jägermeister
Ice Bar

A blue lemonade, suggested by the bartender
Blue lemonade

Be careful, the ice glasses will slide off the ice tables!

The bar is made of ice
Ice Bar

Glasses made from ice

The ice glasses break very easily

I recommend holding your ice glass with gloves on, the glasses are very slippery

The "fireplace" made from ice
Fireplace made of ice
ice bar fireplace
Blue lemonade in front of the fireplace

Seats and tables made of ice

Lounging on the Ice Throne
lounging on the ice throne

A goofy looking polar bear, made from ice. Or seal? Head of a seal, legs of a bear. Weird.

Ice Bar

The selection of alcohol was limited, unfortunately. They didn't have any of the flavored vodkas or famous
"Penguin Piss" mixed drink mentioned in online reviews.

I didn't wear the gloves :p

Ice window

Bar and sphere made from ice

Bar stools made from ice

The tip jar was not made of ice

Beer bottles will slide off the ice tables also

The bartender telling a funny story

Ice logs and ice bench next to the ice fireplace

Ice Bar