Gremlin kitty, friend of Widget.

Gremlin loves to sit in the rain.
Gremlin. The kitty that loves to sit in the rain.

Gremlin thinks the floor in the house is made of lava.

Gremlin has such a fluffy tail!
Fluffy kitty tail

Taking a picture of what I wrote in the sawdust when. . .

He's such a sweet kitty
Sweet kitty

Gremlin being playful and cute
Playful Gremlin

Curious Gremlin
Curious Gremlin

Gremlin always looks very serious but he does have a sense of humor.
He's a handsome kitty and a good kitty.
Handsome kitty

Peeping Tom
(or Soon...)
Peeping Tom

Gremlin insisted he be fed on the roof...

His wish is my command!

Aw, look at that kitty face!

"Hey guys, guess what time it is?"
Gremlin Time

Those green eyes!
Good kitty
Funny Gremlin

Sweet Gremlin
Sweet Gremlin waiting for his food

A fluffy Gremlin tail
A fluffy Gremlin tail!

Ghost kitty
Ghost kitty

Gremlin in his winter coat. He looks so fluffy this time of year!
February 2012


The Gremlin kitty is hungry!
Love this orange and white kitty :) He's the best kitty!

Gremlin is hungry

Gremlin. His hair gets short in the summer months!



Gremlin, he's a serious kind of cat.
Serious Gremlin

Gremlin eating his food :)

Gremlin eating his cat food. He's a good boy :)

Trying to take a picture when suddenly... a kitty
Suddenly a kitty...