December 2016 strawberry pick!
So gorgeous it's almost indecent.
juicy strawberry

Juicy strawberry
juicy strawberry
berry patch

Organic peaches!
Peach tree!

Mmmmm, fresh picked organic peaches!
peach tree!

So sweet and juicy!
beautiful peaches

Peach haul! We ended up with 11 lbs!
peach haul

Dry coconut from the grocery store
dry coconut
coconut shell

Fresh coconut meat
fresh coconut meat

Mmmmm, watermelon

Mmm, watermelon time!

Another peach pick in 2016. Mind the fire ants!

warning fire ants in the orchard

Organic Tropic Beauty peach
Organic tropic beauty peach

organic tropic beauty peaches

Peachy news about the peaches we picked
peachy news

Fresh picked starfruit!
Fresh picked starfruit!

Berry farm. Strawberries and blueberries.
berry farm
blueberry haul 2016

Fake bird watching over the blackberries

scare bird

Berry farm

slim pickins at the strawberry patch

Last of the strawberries for this season!
Slim pickin's in January 2016.

slim pickins at the strawberry patch

December 2015 strawberry pick

december strawberries
december strawberries
December morning strawberry picking
strawberry haul

Cotton candy grapes
cotton candy grapes

They really do taste like cotton candy
cotton candy grapes

I would never buy these again. While they were not terrible,
I much prefer the taste of regular white grapes.
cotton candy grapes

Blueberry picking!

blueberry picking
blueberry picking
Blueberry picking

blueberry haul!

Mmmm, the best blueberries ever!
fresh blueberries!

mmm, fruit salad