The gorgeous springhigh variety is a medium sized,
soft skinned berry with a unique sweet flavor.

springhigh variety

The best part is that there
is never an 'all you can eat' fee!
U-Pick blueberry farm

the secret to youth, virility and beauty

Nothing tastes like fresh picked berries!
(Each bucket holds 6 pounds of berries!)
fresh picked scintilla blueberries

We picked ten different varieties of blueberries
ten varieties of fresh picked blueberries

This has been a wonderful strawberry season!
berry farm february 2017

All those delicious berries!
delicious strawberries

5-6 pounds a week since January!!
(And local honey!)
February 2017 strawberry harvest

A common question is what do I make with all the berries?
The answer is nothing! Most of the time I just eat them like candy straight out of the fridge!
A handful here, a handful there. Sometimes I put a dab of peanut butter on them.
strawberry tops

February 2017

These bees make the best strawberry honey!
honey bee

Mmmm, January 2017 strawberry pick!
january harvest!

Fresh picked strawberries, yogurt, toasted hemp seeds.
strawberry snack

U-Pick strawberry farm

U-Pick farm
U-Pick your own berries

Fresh strawberries

Cantaloupe, ricotta, and local wildflower honey
cantaloupe and ricotta

Orange grove
orange grove

orange tree

Green orange
green orange

U-Pick farm

morning on the farm

Soon, my pretties.
soon, my pretties.
mmmm, fresh picked blueberries

Wednesday morning hangout
Wednesday morning hangout

beautiful blueberries
I love berries!
washing blueberries

U-Pick berry farm
organic blackberries, unripe

Organic blackberries
organic blackberry

8 pounds of glorious, organic blackberries picked fresh!
organic blackberry haul

Organic Blackberry Farm
[click to embiggen]
berry farm- click to embiggen

Blackberry flower
blackberry flower

Coming soon!
blackberry flower