February 2017
These bees make the best strawberry honey!
honey bee

Mmmm, January 2017 strawberry pick!
january harvest!

Fresh picked strawberries, yogurt, toasted hemp seeds.
strawberry snack

U-Pick strawberry farm

U-Pick farm
U-Pick your own berries

Fresh strawberries

Orange grove
orange grove

orange tree

Green orange
green orange

Morning at the U-Pick farm

morning on the farm

Soon, my pretties.
soon, my pretties.
mmmm, fresh picked blueberries

Cantaloupe, ricotta, and local wildflower honey
cantaloupe and ricotta

Wednesday morning hangout
Wednesday morning hangout

beautiful blueberries
I love berries!

washing blueberries

New pineapple 2016!

New pineapple 2016
Follow the story of my pineapple plant that started in 2012
Story of my pineapple plant

U-Pick berry farm
organic blackberries, unripe

Organic blackberries
organic blackberry

8 pounds of glorious, organic blackberries picked fresh!
organic blackberry haul

Organic Blackberry Farm
[click to embiggen]
berry farm- click to embiggen

Blackberry flower
blackberry flower

Coming soon!
blackberry flower

December 2016 strawberry pick!
So gorgeous it's almost indecent.
juicy strawberry

Juicy strawberry
juicy strawberry
berry patch

Organic peaches!
Peach tree!

Mmmmm, fresh picked organic peaches!
peach tree!

So sweet and juicy!
beautiful peaches

Peach haul! We ended up with 11 lbs!
peach haul

Dry coconut from the grocery store

dry coconut
coconut shell

Fresh coconut meat
fresh coconut meat

Mmmmm, watermelon

Mmm, watermelon time!

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