Mangoes from Key West
key west mangoes

Family owned hydroponic berry farm
berry farm

Strawberries grown in hydroponic towers

berry farm

Hydroponic towers

berry farm
berry farm
U-Pick strawberries!

Moon drops
moon drops from the grapery
moon drops

Moon drop grapes.
They pretty much taste like regular purple grapes.
moon drop grapes

Beautiful blueberries
glorious blueberries

U-PICK blueberries
u-pick blueberries

Earth Day Festival of blueberries at U-PICK farm
Earth Day festival of blueberries

Glorious blueberries
u-pick blueberries

Blueberry flowers
blueberry flowers

Not ready yet
unripe blueberry

blueberry buds

unripe berries
unripe blueberries

Gorgeous and delicious
gorgeous and delicious

almost there!

Quarter for scale
large blueberry

Mandarin oranges.
My favorite!
mandarin oranges

Creamsicle with fresh squeezed orange slush

"Valencia? These are juice oranges!"

Mmmmm, cherries

First U-PICK blueberries of the season!
blueberry farm

U-Pick blueberry farm.
20 varieties of blueberries.
blueberry farm

I travelled 2 hours for these wonderful,
very sweet scintilla blueberries.
scintilla blueberries

They are so worth it!
scintilla blueberries

Not many farms have the scintilla variety due to its low yield.
scintilla blueberries

Rows and rows of springhigh blueberry bushes
rows of springhigh blueberry bushes

This springhigh blueberry is not quite ready yet!
not quite ready!