Key-lime honeydew salad
Key-lime honeydew salad
Key-lime honeydew salad
Key-lime honeydew salad recipe

3 cups honeydew melon, cut into bite sized pieces
3 plums, roughly chopped
1tsp fresh mint, chopped fine
juice and zest of 2 limes
1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk

Whisk milk, zest, lime juice, and mint. Pour over fruit and chill until ready to serve.
Key-lime honeydew salad
Key-lime honeydew salad

Mmmm, honey dew.
honeydew seeds
honeydew seeds

Ruby red grapefruit

I love grapefruit

Soooo juicy and sweet!
ruby red grapefruit inside

Mmmm, chestnuts!


Soak for 30 minutes or an hour

Score and bake at 350F

When they look like this, they are done!

I love chestnuts


Sweet and fluffy! YUM.

I love fresh cranberries


I even put them in my tea!
cranberries in tea

Organic bananas
organic bananas

Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries- HUGE ones!

Acai puree
acai puree
acai puree

Organic walnuts
raw organic walnuts

Organic raw walnuts
raw organic walnuts

I love cashews
organic cashews

I love ice cold watermelon in the summer!
I love fresh watermelon

Fresh watermelon.. so refreshing and cool.
At least 98 percent of the watermelon I consumed as a child was on the beach
or next to a swimming pool. I ate a LOT of watermelon when I was a kid.
I love fresh watermelon

I love fresh watermelon

Well, they are fruit..
fresh tomatoes

Breakstone's Cottage Doubles.
The raspberry and pineapple are my fav.

fav snack

Very ripe bananas for banana bread
very ripe bananas for banana bread

Canjun creole roasted peanuts

Christmas fig tapenade
Fig tapenade

Strained yogurt with chopped pistachios
greek style yogurt and pistachios

Walnuts and blueberries.
With a dash of ground ginger and cinnamon
(and sometimes turmeric but not in this photo.)
walnuts and blueberries

I always wash my fresh picked strawberries with
half white vinegar and half water.

washing berries
washing berries

Good morning, berry farm!
Good morning berries!

u pick farm

Mmmm, juicy blueberries on the bush!
u pick farm

I can't stay away from these berries!
juicy blueberries!